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I just want...

To wish you all a very happy Christmas :) Hope it's magical and everything that you want it to be.
Lots of love xo

Dec. 12th, 2011

Trying to go through and delete all the stupid loudtwitter posts but it's taking forever :|


if anyone knows any way of switching loud twitter off i would be eternally grateful...
whenever i go on the loudtwitter site it says that my lj url is not recognised/registered, when blatently it is 'cause it sends tweets here?

is there a way of stopping it accessing my lj from this end?  i want to write entries but all the tweets put me off ):
any help would be much appreciated!


Writer's Block: Divided Self

Do you behave differently online than you do in real life?
Nope, I'm pretty much the same.  Except I'm probably quieter online than I am in real life (how is that even possible?  lol).  I don't know; sometimes I think people judge others alot quicker online than in real life, so I tend to keep my opinions to myself - even if it is "only the internet" I don't want to deliberately go upsetting people, I'm very much the kind of person that doesn't like to rock the boat or upset/hurt people.  I firmly believe that what goes around, comes around - even on the interwebz.


i'm tired, so tired. 
i should be searching online for car insurance but oh my goodness, it gets so monotonous and boring that i just can't be bothered right now. 
in fact, i have a huge list of stuff i should be doing, stuff that i don't really get time for in the week, washing, tidying, organising but as usual, i'm just thinking about having a nap. 

i really wanted to go to the cinema today, but i can't afford it.. when i come back from holiday i'm thinking of getting one of those unlimited cards for cineworld, i think it'd work out cheaper... i usually go at least 3/4 times a month and with tickets almost £7 a pop (when i don't use my student card from essex uni -ahem-) it's not a cheap past time!  i might go see if there is a decent film on sky movies now, i also have borrowed the notebook from my friend and not watched it yet, i've heard it's a proper weepie and since house and skins nearly made me cry today, i'm not sure if i could cope with that kinda film.  

i bought a huge slumdog millionaire movie poster off ebay last week, i need to find space on my wall to put it <3 i think my cheeky poster of zefron shall have to come down... haha, sorry zac!  my room looks like a 13 year old girls, hehe... i should be old enough to know better really!  i'm never going to grow up! 


a bromance to die for.

so i was casually perusing through the entertainment pages on msn and came across the term "bromance" which apparently, originated from house!  haha.

msn's no.1 bromance was our very own house and wilson, it brings a tear to my eye.  i'm not a hilson shipper but i do love their relationship, it's like they need each, each is the others weakness as well as their strength in a weird way. 

i've worked out how to watch s5 by downloading it through bittorrent, i couldn't wait any longer, but due to my crap connection i've only made it up to epi 3.  i miss wilson though.  COME BACK.  HOUSE NEEDS YOU.

ANYWAY: everyones favourite bromance

-siiigh- i love them both too much.


you're beautiful.

i hadn't seen this picture before; when i came across it today, i melted a little inside.  yummy. 


sunday meme

a meme for sunday, 'cause i am feeling lazy!

answer the following....
1. If you could have any Valentine you wanted, who would it be?  ooh, that's a tough one, i have a few crushes but i suppose my ultimate one is probably still danny jones.  a few others come a very close second though.  they can fight over me!  hah.
2. What is your idea of a romantic date?  erm, nothing too serious, i don't like to feel like i'm under pressure with stuff like that... i had a great day at the zoo on a date once, and even though it wasn't typically romantic.  maybe a picnic on the beach somewhere... in the winter, so you're all snuggled in your winter warms and drinking hot chocolate.  something like that, i'm a simple girl.
3. Do you prefer chocolates or flowers on Valentine's Day?  they're both so obvious!  probably flowers, just not red roses though.
4. What is your favorite romantic movie? romantic book?  movie: dirty dancing!  moulin rouge!  book;  i'm trying to think of a romantic book that i have read... ermm..  can't think of one ):  
5. Do you like those 'conversation hearts' or do you think they taste gross?  i don't know what they are?  like love hearts? 
6. Who is your Valentine this year?  aha, well, that would be telling (;  nahh i have someone i like, but it's no more than that so no valentine for me.

Extra word association:
I say...you think...
1. Valentine - heart
2. Cute - teddy bear
3. Romantic - meal
4. Red - rose
5. Flowers- daisies
6. Candy - sweet
7. Cupid - hates me... lol.



have a good sunday everybody (:

grumpy bum.

i'm grumpy tonight and i'm not really sure why.
i'm trying to figure out what has made me so moody.
i think lots of little things are starting to annoy me, it's usually things that i can't control either.

i kinda feel like saying a big FUCK YOU to the world, but then i realise it's not really a nice thing to do. 
i just don't knoooooowwww anymore.

& i really want to hear back from bristol uni.  hurryuphurryuphurryup!! 



english people are wusses!

i am english too.

okay so it has snowed.  but it's like the WHOLE COUNTRY has come to a stand still!  schools closed, shops closed, the rail and train services are now non-existant etc etc.  i understand that it is for "safety reasons" but my goodness, all that is on the news today is the amount of crappy snow we have. 

i didn't really want to blog about the snow since it makes me grumpy hehe.
i have been out and about with my camera though, i'm meant to be taking photos for my mum's christmas cards next year, and the snow is quite festive i suppose.  i got cold and came home pretty sharpish though!

aww home and away made me sad tonight... jack :(